欠了人家四個月的翻譯(翻譯成中文)終於寫好了… 如果發現那裡中文寫得亂七八糟的, 就請出來罵一罵吧! 謝謝! ————————————————————————————————- HISTORY 歷史 Twenty-eight years ago、families with heart-breaking experiences of unsolved disappearances and murders of young women met in a church auditorium。 They needed help。 They needed answers。 二十八年前、一群同樣有著失蹤和被殺害年輕女性經驗的心碎家庭、在一間教堂的會議室相見。他們需要幫助。他們需要答案。 At first they discussed and shared their journeys of grief and loss – then they got organized。 剛開始、他們只是討論和分享他們感傷和悲痛的經驗 – 不久他們便組織了起來。 They formed peer support groups to help one another in their grief。 They petitioned。 They monitored courtroom proceedings。 They testified before legislative hearings。 They approached the Department of Corrections、prosecutors offices and law enforcement agencies to form coalitions to aid in their mission – read help for victims of violent crime。 他們組織支持團體來幫助其他人的哀情。他們請願。他們監督法庭議程。他們在立法機構作證。他們連繫監獄部們、檢察官辦公室和警政機構組織一個救助團體 – 幫助暴力犯罪的受害者。 They formed an organization that responded to the urgent and tragically often forgotten needs of victims of violent crime and the loved ones of missing persons and named it for what it was – FAMILIES & FRIENDS OF VIOLENT CRIME VICTIMS。 他們成立一個組織、幫助那些經常被遺忘的悲劇性暴力犯罪、和失蹤親人的受害者們的需要。就此他們把這組織命名為” 暴力犯罪受害者的家庭和朋友” (FAMILIES & FRIENDS OF VIOLENT CRIME VICTIMS)。 Where are we now、and how can we help you? 目前的狀況、我們如何幫助您? Families & Friends of Violent Crime Victims is one of the oldest victim advocacy and support groups in the nation。 We offer services to crime victims、their loved ones and the public throughout Washington state、24 hours a day、at no charge。 ” 暴力犯罪受害者的家庭和朋友”是全國最早的受害者保護和關照組織之一。我們提供華盛頓州內免費的全天後二十四小時、對犯罪受害者、他們的家屬和社會大眾的服務、。 Our services are geared to assist the journey that crime victims and their loved ones face、a journey that is not only challenging but takes a lifetime。 The direct services provided by Families & Friends has helped thousands of Clients reconstruct their lives with positive outcomes。 我們準備幫助犯罪受害者和他們的家屬面對未來人生旅程的挑戰。” 暴力犯罪受害者的家庭和朋友”直接的服務、幫助上千人正面的重建他們的人生。 PEER SUPPORT peer support groups provide comfort、understanding、compassion、and coping skills。 支持團體 支持團體提供安慰、理解、同情和提供如何面對的方式。 VICTIMES’ ADVOCATE The criminal justice system is complicated and impersonal and victims are often left feeling as though they have no rights。 Families & Friends is actively working to change that – to provide a strong advocacy force in the continual fight for victims’ right in our state。 受害者的保護 犯罪司法系統是複雜和非人性化的。受害者常常感到被遺棄和沒有權力。” 暴力犯罪受害者的家庭和朋友”一直努力的去改變它 – 在州內持續的爭取受害者的權力、提供有力的保護團體 SYSTEM INTERVENTION Our knowledge of and working relationship with the criminal justice system and its agencies is invaluable to those encountering the system for the first time。 We assist families in their dealings with law enforcement、prosecution and other agencies when problems arise。 從法律上的預防 我們對刑事審判的知識、和刑事審判系統的關係、對那些第一次遇到這些狀況的人們是一種無價的援助。 當出現問題時、我們幫助那些需要的家庭面對這些警察、檢查機關等其他機構。 COURTROOM SUPPORT We familiarize victims and survivors with terminology and procedures that will be used during the trial。 Families & Friends volunteers (when available)、will help provide transportation to court、shield the victim from curiosity seekers and the news media and avoid confrontation with the offender。 法庭裡的幫助 我們了解受害者和幸存者在法庭裡可以使用的法規和程序。” 暴力犯罪受害者的家庭和朋友”的義工(當有志願者時)會提供到法院的交通工具、保護受害者免於好奇的社會大眾和新聞媒體的干擾、和避免與罪犯的面對面。 NETWORKING AND REFERRALS We actively work with national organizations like the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA)、and the National Center for Victims of Crime、organizations which provide further resources for assisting local crime victims and families of missing persons。 相互連絡和介紹 我們經常和全美受害者保護協會 (NOVA)、全美犯罪受害者中心 (National Center for Victims of Crime)、等全國性的組織合作。提供當地的犯罪受害者、和失蹤人口家庭更深入的幫助。 EDUCATION Families & Friends is active in educational programs about victims’ important role in the criminal justice system。 教育 ” 暴力犯罪受害者的家庭和朋友”不時的教育社會大眾關於受害者在犯罪司法系統裡是重要的一環。 OUR MISSION STATEMENT 我們的目標 The mission of Families & Friends of Violent Crime Victims is to support and advocate for victims of violent crime、adult missing persons、and their loved ones、and to provide education about victims’ right and services。 ” 暴力犯罪受害者的家庭和朋友”的目標是援助和保護暴力犯罪的受害者、失蹤的成年人、和他們的家屬、並教育大眾受害者的權力和服務。 THERE IS HOPE… 希望… It would be nice to picture a future without violence or victimization and grief、but violent crime is a growing societal problem which eventually touches everyone。 Families & Friends has already has a beneficial impact on victims’ rights and community awareness。 YOUR support is vital to increasing fairness for victims and public safety。 想像一個沒有因暴力而產生的受害者和感傷的未來、但是越來越多的暴力犯罪是一個最後會影響每個人的社會問題。” 暴力犯罪受害者的家庭和朋友”對受害者的權力和喚醒社會大眾的注意力已經有正面的影響。您有力的協助是增加受害者的權力和社會大眾的安全的保障。 How can you help? • Volunteer • Donate 您如何幫助? • 義工 • 捐獻 Contact us: website: http://www。fnfvcv。org or P。O。Box 1949、Everett、WA 98206-1949 Phone: 425-355-6822/1-800-346-7555 連絡我們: 網站: http://www。fnfvcv。org 或P。O。Box 1949、Everett、WA 98206-1949 電話: 425-355-6822/1-800-346-7555 Families & Friends is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization。 Federal ID# 91-0993005 ” 暴力犯罪受害者的家庭和朋友”是501 (c)(3) 非營利組織。 聯邦 ID# 91-0993005 “When there were no other resources、Families and Friends’ support was vital。 The members could relate to our experiences and became advocates when others couldn’t understand。” Gwen Kuntz 當沒有其他資源、” 暴力犯罪受害者的家庭和朋友”的幫助是至關重要的。 當其他人無法了解時、幫助的義工和我們相關的經驗、進而變得倡導者。 “Families and Friends became an extension of our family early on and helped us all understand that although the pain was tearing us apart、we had friends that understood the kind of pain we were experiencing。 You all helped us in our time of need。” David Jensen ” 暴力犯罪受害者的家庭和朋友”成為我們家庭的一部份、儘管痛苦撕裂了我們、卻讓我們知道、有著一群和我們有同樣經驗的人們了解我們的痛苦。 你們在我們最需要的時候幫助我們。 ” “As we stood feeling helpless、frightened and numb with grief、“Families & Friends” put their collective arm around us。 The value of their guidance、protection、and understanding、through the entire 12 year judicial process、can never be measured。” Hilda Ahlers & Lorene Iverson (daughter) 當我們無助的、驚恐的、和麻木悲痛著站在那裡時、” 暴力犯罪受害者的家庭和朋友”適時伸出援手。整整十二年來的司法審判、他們提供的咨詢、保護和了解是無法衡量的。 Hilda Ahlers 和 Lorene Iverson (女兒) “Legislative efforts like the Crime Victims Compensation Fund、the Victim Witness Notification Program and the Community Protection Act owe much of their success to the work of Families & Friends。” Norm Maleng King County Prosecuting Attorney 經由立法的努力、比如犯罪受害者補償基金、受害證人通知計畫和社區保護法等法案的成功、都歸功於” 暴力犯罪受害者的家庭和朋友”的工作。 Norm Maleng 金恩郡檢察官律師 “Families & Friends have been an invaluable aid to not only myself、but many attorneys here at the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office。 More importantly、much more importantly、they have been of tremendous service to scores of victimized and traumatized families。 Families & Friends have been one ray of hope、one lifeline for people gripped by the devastation of violent and sexually violent crime。” Mark Roe Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Snohomish County ” 暴力犯罪受害者的家庭和朋友”是我自己和史挪合米許郡 (Snohomish County) 檢察官辦公室裡很多律師們無價的援助。更重要的、非常重要的、他們是心理瘡傷和受害家庭極大的幫助。” 暴力犯罪受害者的家庭和朋友”是受到暴力虐待和暴力性侵害人們的救生索和一線希望、 Mark Roe 首席犯罪代理檢察官律師 Snohomish County

[旅遊] Seattle City Light 的 Skagit Tours

[img=http://www.seattle.gov/light/images/tr4sk_Banner3.jpg popup=false] Seattle City Light 的 Skagit Tours 一直以為 Seattle City Light 的 Skagit Tours 是有車階級的人才可以享受的景點, 因此也沒有特別急著的想要把那景點加到網站. 今天整理一些收集的資料才發現, Seattle City Light 每年有提供從西雅圖出發的專車. 今年最後一班專車是 8 月 18 日. 沒有車, 但是想要一覽 North Cascade 國家公園的似阿爾卑斯山的美景, 別錯個這個機會. 註: 這導覽是要預約的. Medical Side Note: Tanning may be cancer culprit Rate of two skin cancers triples in under-40 group Many lung-cancer patients never lit up

大愛劇場: 草山春暉

似乎有點像廣告… 大愛電視將從 8 月 9 日起, 播出草山春暉. 事實上寫出來的理由是因為慈濟中文學校上學年終前, 大愛電視的拍攝小組來了西雅圖十天, 並有不少人和小朋友客串臨時演員. 如果想要看看自己是否有上到鏡頭, 那就只有看電視了… 不過我想西雅圖應該是連續劇比較後段的部份. 西雅圖(美西)的播放時間. 如果家裡面沒有衛星接收, 可以在網上觀看. Side Note: Seniors scammed in hot housing market

[新聞] Side Notes

Seattle Police Guild warns of phony solicitors The Seattle Police Guild says phone solicitors who claim to raise funds on the guild’s behalf are not legitimate. The labor guild doesn’t solicit funds from the public, nor does it give other solicitors permission to do so on its behalf, guild officials said. Anyone who has received a phone call from someone claiming to raise money for the guild is asked to call the Attorney General’s Office Consumer Protection Division at 800-551-4636, or the guild office at 206-767-1150. Seattle Housing: Condo sales ‘hot,’ homes steady Median house price jumps 14% Medical Side Note: Breast-cancer deaths down because tumors smaller, study finds Drug researchers leak secrets to Wall St. Technical Side Notes: Glance at international financial scams Internet scammers keep working in Nigeria

[電腦] Google 地圖中文製作簡介

花了兩個小時把 Google 地圖的基本製作寫了下來. 如果你有興趣知道, 可以到這裡看看. 從檢視原始檔裡, 你會發現並沒有用一般程式的方式下去寫. 我儘量用很簡單的方式讓人們容易了解…希望如此.

[新聞] 上班的人要多多照顧自己的身體

Tips for fighting workplace weight gain
這種事的確是很難, 尤其很多公司的飲料都是免費供應的. Google 還有免費的午餐.
# Keep a bottle of water at the desk. Instead of reaching for a snack when tired or bored, grab the water. It's good for you and will help you feel full, not to mention hydrated.
# Blacklist the vending machines.
# Hang up the phone. It's easy to stay sitting all day, what with e-mail, the phones, etc. But walk to see someone you need to speak with.
# Resurrect your lunch box. Many of us don't take lunch to work, and 39 percent of workers said they eat out at least three times per week. By bringing lunch, you save money, trim calories and control how much you eat.

Most U.S. workers report skipping lunch on busy days
這種事從沒有發生在我身上, 所有的事午餐後再說.
# Nearly half said they are more likely to indulge in unhealthy foods as between-meal snacks.
# One third feel tired or moody.
# An additional third confessed to overeating at the next meal if they skipped the previous one.
# One out of five said they got nauseous or had problems concentrating or thinking.

Unpaid maternity leave puts U.S. out of step with rest of world

[新聞] 2000 – 2003 年行人穿越馬路被撞的報告

完整報告: Report: A profile of pedestrian fatalities in King County, Washington 2000 – 2003 這四年間總共有 103 次的事故. • One in four pedestrians killed was over 60. (25% 被撞死的行人, 行人年齡超過 60 歲) • The winter months are especially dangerous. (冬季的月份是最危險的) • Highway 99 accounted for 10 percent of all pedestrian deaths. (10% 被撞死的行人是在 highway 99 上) • Unsafe crossing practices were to blame for 42 percent of fatalities. (42% 的事件, 是由行人自己不遵守規則穿越馬路) • About half of drivers in fatal pedestrian accidents were not charged. (約 50% 的駕駛人沒有因撞死人而被判刑) • About 60 percent of pedestrian fatalities were on roads with posted speed limits of 35 mph or slower. (60% 的行人被撞, 是發生在車速限制每小時 35 英哩以下) 資料來源: Need for pedestrian safety cited Side Note: Hollywood comes to Seafair: Torchlight parade tomorrow night: 今年 torchlight parade (火炬遊行???)的主題是好萊塢. Star Wars 裡的角色會參加遊行.