7th Panzer Division Order of Battle for Opersation Yellow

this will be the Battle of France since I am talking about this first. It of course has an HQ which has the 58. Motorcycle Platoon and 58. Mapping Detachment which is a motorized unit. The main body which was the 25th Panzer Regiment, which had two Panzer Battalions, Panzer Signals Platoon, Light Panzer Staff Platoon and a band. Yes you heard me right, the ever so famous 7th Panzer Division had a band in one of it’s core units. Two Infantry Regiments, the 7th Motorcycle Battalion (Which is the unit I am talking about when talking about their vanguard). The 37th Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion, which had a motorized Signal Platoon, two armoured car companies, something called a Heavy Company, I am going to guess stuff like heavy weapons, I honestly have no clue about this. And finally in the 37th Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion a supply unit. The 78th Artillery Regiment which of course was motorized, that unit would have shown it’s worth when crossing the river as we already went over that is for sure. The 78th Artillery Regiment would have signal platoon, a weather detachment, meteorologist basically if you want something for comparison, and of course two battalion of artillery. Next up is the 42nd Panzerabwehr Battalion, this where the stuff like the Flak 88s will most likely be in along with other anti air weapons, this will have a signals platoon, with two anti aircraft battalions and of course a unit of the ever so famous Flak 88s. Now we have the 83rd Signals Battalion which will be made up of a Telephone Company, Radio Company, and a Light Signals Supply Column. I for one had no idea a unit like this existed, I feel like someone is going to attack me over this, hopefully not. Finally on 7th Panzer Order of Battle for the campaign in France is the 58th Pioneer Battalion. This battalion will be made up of a mechanized company, (halftracks, ya this unit is going to be in the front line that is for sure), two motorized engineer companies, Brüko B, (So i am reading about this because i had no clue about this one to but this time I found info, this is for building bridges, huh), finally a  Light Pioneer Supply Column. The rest is stuff like supply units. Well then that is 7th Panzer Division the Ghost Division’s Order of Battle.

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