Warhammer 40k Character Bio: Vesta Koncende

Vesta Koncende

Age: 15

Homeworld: Void Born

Legion: Night Lords

Rank: Slave

Equipment: Vide (Lasgun) Krize (Dagger)

Appearance: Black hair down to her hips, pure black eyes, rounded ears, fanged teeth, rounded nose, and 5.7 feet (may change idk she is way taller than me)

Bio: Born on a cursed Night Lords Battle Barge under parents were forced to breed due to being pure Nostramons. Although on a few weeks after she was born an Astartes, Samuark Angst went on a killing rampage on the lower levels of the ship killing dozens of slaves. Right after he tore her parents limb from limb he finally stopped at her crying body. Him after seeing this and under an honor code decided in order to pay off his debt protect this child from the shadows. This worked well for the next few years and Vesta was raised by basically being passed by slave to slave in the lower levels. She grew up knowing nothing basically outside of what was in her little part of the world. Thanks to this she has a need to learn and explore the galaxy. Vesta would live like this, without seeing a single Astartes again until her 7th birthday in which in middle of celebration another Astartes came in butchering slaves. She was doomed to die until Samuark came to help repay his honor debt, coming in to save her last moment. Days would pass until Samuark came once again but this time for something else. Finding her in a corner still fearful of Astartes, he would get to eye level for her and take her. Like literally just take her. Let us just say Astartes are not good with people. For the next few weeks she will basically not listen to him, and would fight him at any chance. As the weeks went on though she would finally get close with him. After that he taught her how to be a proper slave of the Night Lords Legion, although better than most. Samuark planned for her to last her whole life and whatever he can do to extend said life. Vesta was taught everything about anything that the galaxy can offer up for her. Not just the basics of how to serve and Astartes but herself. As times went on she got use to the life of being a slave of Samuark Angst . It became normal and better than anything she could have gotten being a normal slave in the bottom decks of the ship. Of course now that she is 15 everything is changing all at once. With a new Astartes in 2nd Claw, more slaves, and many other things along with a feeling she just cannot figure out with Samuark. Who know what is going to happen?