Warhammer 40k Character Bio: Samuark Angst

Samuark Angst
Homeworld: Nostramo

Legion: Night Lords

Rank: Sergeant

Equipment: Vetterschaft (Power Sword), Foyer (Gladius) Zuster (Bolter), Legataire (Bolt Pistol), others may be used

Appearance: Black hair all the way down to the shoulders, rounded ears, pointed nose, and black eyes.

Bio: Born on the destroyed world of Nostramo during the middle of Konrad’s reign of terror. He is a few of the Night Lords Legion to not come from such a terrible background and was into a son of nobles of Nostramo. When he was 10 Samuark was taken from his family and given his new name when becoming a Night Lord. Fighting in the Great Crusade he encountered many from all 18 (20) legions from that glorious time seeing many figures. Ranging from, Mortal, Astsrtes, Primarchs and even the Emperor of Mankind. One of the most important events will be during that time saved an Imperial Fist from and Ork Warboss killing the Ork in the action. This was received well and he was gifted a power sword so well crafted it is rumored Vulkan had a hand in it and to do this day he uses it. Once the Horus Heresy started, Samuark sided with his primarch Konrad Cruze. He will fight in many battles during the heresy that would concluded at the Battle of Terra. Which after the death of the Warmaster would flee with his brothers to the Eastern Fringes to the planet of Tsagualsa. Where Konrad was killed by the assassin M’Shen. He then, as a sergeant in the 14th Company would follow a small group of 500 Night Lords fleeing into the Eye to slowly rebuild and expand into what it is now. During this time he lost each and everyone of his squadmates, brothers in fact until during the 5th Black Crusade his last brother would be killed by an Aeldari Farseer….. He vows that he will never have another brother and doesn’t own a single slave due to his honor and finding that he doesn’t deserve such a privilege. His ideals are honor, brotherhood, and blood. Without these he believes he will fall from whatever grace he has left. Although he does have a flaw. Samuark will go into blood madden crazys and one of these changed everything. This Warband still haves many purebred Nostramons on board and they did their best to keep the blood of Nostramo strong. Samuark in a craze would kill two of these purebreds who have a female baby. That, as if fate decided, (or something else yet to be found?) stopped his craze. After realizing what he has done, and his honor couldn’t let him just kill the child, vowed to keep this baby alive. For the next few years he will carefully watch this child until she was seven. That was when one of his brothers would go with one of his blood crazes and would be only a few centimeters of death, would save this child by blocking hit while holding him off until his craze stops. Once that happened he decided that he, Samuark Angst would take this child as a Legion Slave. Once this happened his loneliness for the pass 5,000 has finally changed. He teaches his servant all his beliefs and trained her to be as useful as possible. From proper manners, honor, all forms of languages and many other things. Sadly for him, he sucks with people and cannot detect human emotion well. So that isn’t really the best for him. This would go on until eight years later he would take a Black Templar Acolyte as a Clawmate. He would get a sorcerer to make this acolyte loyal to the Night Lords by making him lose almost all his memories from his childhood and religious study from the Black Templars. Now everything is changing, the Clawless will finally have a Claw, it is only a matter of time.